New Release

Mod-Box 1 Mod-Box 2 Mod-Box 3

The MOD-Box is available now from JPC Germany and Bear Family Mailorder (worldwide shipping!).


Here is the track listing:

CD 1:
Hans Koller
1  Feuerwehr
2  Moonlight In Vermont
3  Get Happy
4  Badewasser
5  All About Nora
6  Sweet Line
7  All The Things You Are
8  Yesterdays
9  Indian Summer
10  Iris For Bill Crozier
11  Ach Värmeland Du Sköna
12  Small Hotel
13  “Jazz 1955”

Roland Kovac
14  I Should Care
15  Fughette
16  Tea For… Three
17  Come Back To Me

CD 2:
Hans Koller Combo feat. Albert Mangelsdorff
1  Lester Leaps In
2  I’ll Remember April
3  Idaho

Fatty George Combo
4  The Sheik Of Araby
5  My Baby Done Left Me
6  Alexander’s Ragtime Band

Jutta Hipp
7  Frankfurt Special
8  Simone
9  Morning Fun
10  Don’t Worry ’bout Me

Bill Grah
11 Polillo
12 Grahs Brothers
13 Bohème

Oscar Klein
14 Oscar’s Blues
15 China Town

Hans Koller
16  Relaxin’ At Marienburg
17  Background In Red
18  Pastels

Attila Zoller
19  YouGoToMyHead
20  Autumn In New York

CD 3:
Rudi Sehring Trio
1  Long John
2  Exactly Like “Ru”
3  Just You Just Me

Bill Russo & Hans Koller Combo
4  Indiana
5  These Foolish Things
6  Cathy
7  Passacaglia
8  Announcement from Campi
9  Bar In The Air
10  Announcement from Campi
11  Made In Cologne 1955
12  Announcement from Campi
13  Bills Blues
14  Together
15  Made In Cologne

CD 4:
Hans Koller
1  Going My Hemingway
2  Late Summer
3  Too Marvellous For Words

Lee Konitz
4  Late Summer
5  East Of Eden
6  En Rodage
7  Lee-La-Lu
8  I’m Getting Sentimental
9  Variazione No. 8
10  Stephany
11 Ablution

Harald Banter Ensemble
12  Announcement
13  Signum
14  Moon Over Miami
15 Announcement
16  Flamingo
17 Autumn Serenade

25 cm Vinyl (Disc 5):
Hans Koller
A1 Feuerwehr
A2 Moonlight In Vermont
A3 Get Happy
B1 Badewasser
B2 All About Nora
B3 Sweet Line

25 cm Vinyl (Disc 6):
Hans Koller
A1 All The Things You Are
A2 Yesterdays
A3 Indian Summer
B1 Iris For Bill Crozier
B2 Ach Värmeland Du Sköna
B3 Small Hotel
B4 “Jazz 1955”

25 cm Vinyl (Disc 7):
Hans Koller Combo
A1  Lester Leaps In
A2  I’ll Remember April
A3  Idaho

Fatty George Combo
B1 The Sheik Of Araby
B2 My Baby Done Left Me
B3 Alexander’s Ragtime Band

25 cm Vinyl (Disc 8):
Bill Russo & Hans Koller Combo
A1 Cathy
A2 Indiana
A3 Made In Cologne
B1 These Foolish Things
B2 Together

25 cm Vinyl (Disc 9):
Lee Konitz
A1  Late Summer
A2  Lee-La-Lu
A3  Ablution
A4  Variazione No. 8
B1  East Of Eden
B2  I’m Getting Sentimental
B3  Stephany
B4  En Rodage

17 cm Vinyl (Disc 10):
Jutta Hipp
A1 Frankfurt Special
A2 Don’t Worry About Me
B1 Simone
B2  Morning Fun

17 cm Vinyl (Disc 11)
Roland Kovac
A1  I Should Care
A2  Fughette
B1  Tea For… Three
B2  Come Back To Me

17 cm Vinyl (Disc 12):
Bill Grah
A1  Polillo
A2  Grahs Brothers
B1 Boheme

17 cm Vinyl (Disc 13)
Hans Koller
A1  Relaxin’ At Marienburg
A2  Background In Red
B1 Pastels

17 cm Vinyl (Disc 14):
Attila Zoller
A1 Autumn In New York
B1 You Go To My Head

17 cm Vinyl (Disc 15):
Rudi Sehring Trio
A1 Long John
A2 Exactly Like “Ru”
B1 Just You Just Me