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Hipp is COOL

The new BE! Jazz box will be released in late October.

Jutta Book 2

Here’s an excerpt from the introduction by Robert von Zahn:

There are people who have never heard of Jutta Hipp. Even German jazz fans can’t categorize her when the name is mentioned. You might give some hints by referring to the 1950s and to cool jazz – but it still won’t ring a bell. Only when pointing out to her recordings for BLUE NOTE might you see some appreciative smiles.

So why curate a project on Jutta Hipp with an enyclopedic character? Perhaps because there are indeed jazz fans who will be all smiles when listening to the first chords of a Jutta Hipp recording. And perhaps because Jutta Hipp is appreciated by female jazz musicians – not only for her music but also for her biography, a life that was entirely dedicated to jazz for many years.

Jutta Book 6

Jutta Hipp played a highly memorable piano style. During her cool phase she captivated listeners with her individual drive – her superior technical skills and atmospheric style were so cool that merely by listening you’d imagine in your mind’s eye a pianist in black attire, sunglasses, and a cigarette holder in the corner of her mouth. In reality, however, the photographs show a beautiful woman, without much coolness, but with untamed red hair and a restrained tension in her eyes.

It was not easy for her to dedicate her live to jazz. Growing up in Germany during the Third Reich she absorbed jazz music by listening to enemy radio broadcasts. She gave some offence – not only with her music but also with her rebellious spirit. In the postwar era she finally moved to the west and performed at American NCO clubs, with like-minded musicians and with German bands who tried to follow in the footsteps of their American jazz idols.

Jutta Hipp stood out. Her piano style, her pretentious appearance and the fact that she was a woman who played jazz music – all these facts attracted attention. In Frankfurt am Main her reputation spread across the borders of the jazz community. A cool jazz icon, she won theGerman  jazz polls and conquered the Frankfurt jazz festivals – until jazz impresario Leonard Feather offered her the big step to the land of limitless opportunity – to the USA, to New York.

This box-set provides a complete overview of this versatile artist. Especially her outstanding visual work is hardly known, and here, for the first time, it receives a comprehensive acknowledgement. She left behind a collection of watercolour paintings, drawings and cartoons. Her poems and sketches give evidence of her precise observational skill with regard to both physiognomy and characters. Thus it comes as no surprise that Jutta Hipp’s recollections paint very poignant pictures of her contemporaries: for the most part it’s the letters to her friends which offer an insight into her experiences and thoughts.

Jutta Book 7 Jutta Book 8

The aim of this BE! RECORDS box-set presenting “The Life And Art Of Jutta Hipp” is to put the creation of her works in a biographical context. The authors describe the various phases in Jutta Hipp’s life, pointing out typical situations female artists had to deal with during that era – from the 1940s to the 1960s – which made it considerably more difficult for a woman to pursue a career in music than it was for her male colleagues.

Jutta Book 9

Jutta Hipp recorded for BLUE NOTE, she performed with international stars – and yet she abandoned her musical career. Fotos and documents illustrate the stages of her career and the emerging decision to withdraw from the jazz scne. The recordings of Jutta Hipp’s style, however, are timeless – sometimes lyrical, sometimes with driving chords. You might hear a permanent “let’s go!” coming from her left hand.

Robert v. Zahn

6103 Jutta Hipp Box



February News

ballet etudes/the music of KOMEDA

Krzysztof Komeda was a Polish film music composer and jazz pianist. Perhaps best known for his soundtrack work, Komeda wrote the scores for Roman Polanski’s films Rosemary’s Baby, The Fearless Vampire Killers, Knife in the Water and Cul-de-sac. Komeda’s album Astigmatic (1965) is widely regarded as one of the most important European jazz albums; critic Stuart Nicholson describes the album as “marking a shift away from the dominant American approach with the emergence of a specific European aesthetic.”

This period, in which Komeda was improving his own musical language, was crowned with “Ballet Etudes” performed at the Jazz Jamboree ’62. Although the reaction of domestic critics for the Etudes was rather cold, it opened the doors to Europe for Krzysztof Komeda.

The original Danish Metronome LP is very desired among jazz collectors worldwide. Top copies sell for astronomic prices. This reissue comes perfectly restorated and remastered on BE! Jazz including the original liner notes.

6087 Komeda

Krzysztof Komeda war ein polnischer Komponist und Jazzpianist, der hauptsächlich durch seine Filmmusiken bekannt wurde. Er schrieb den Soundtrack für die Roman Polanski-Filme “Rosemary’s Baby”, “Tanz der Vampire”, “Das Messer im Wasser” und “Wenn Katelbach kommt”. Komedas Album Astigmatic (1965) zählt zu den wichtigsten Jazz-Alben in Europa: der Kritiker Stuart Nicholson beschreibt das Album als “einen Wechsel von der amerikanischen Spielweise hin zu einer speziell europäischen Ästhetik”.

Die Krönung seiner damaligen Schaffensperiode, in der er seine eigene musikalische Sprache verbesserte, war das Werk “Ballet Etudes”, das beim Jazz Jamboree ’62 aufgeführt wurde. Obwohl die Rezensionen der einheimischen Kritiker zu “Ballet Etudes” eher kühl ausfielen, öffnete es für Krzysztof Komeda die Türen nach Europa.

Das dänische Original Metronome-Album ist unter Jazzliebhabern ein weltweit sehr begehrtes Sammlerstück. Sehr gut erhaltene Exemplare werden zu astronomischen Preisen gehandelt. Diese Wiederveröffentlichung erscheint perfekt restauriert und remastert auf BE! Jazz, zusammen mit dem Original-Begleittext.

Vinyl LP | Limited Edition of 500 copies!
| Be! Jazz 6087
CD | digipac in book format | incl. 16-page booklet
| Be! Jazz 6087 CD

AVAILABLE from Bear Family Records




BE! Jazz is excited to announce the revival of the “European Jazz Sounds” series that started around 1960 with legendary albums by the Michael Naura Quintet, Tubby Hayes or Max Greger. On our first volume we present the early recordings of the renowned “Joki Freund Quintet” from the late 1950s. German saxophonist and arranger Joki Freund played with Jutta Hipp in the mid-’50s, before forming his own Joki Freund Quintet. During the late Fifties they played at various European festivals with visiting American musicians like Donald Byrd, Arthur Taylor, and Doug Watkins. The group got famous for their John Coltrane-influenced masterpiece “Yogi Jazz” in 1963.

This music comes perfectly restorated and remastered on BE! Jazz for the first time in 55 years. Listen to this record like never before!

6091 Joki

Wir freuen uns, die Wiedergeburt der “European Jazz Sounds”-Serie bekanntzugeben, die um 1960 herum mit gesuchten Alben vom Michael Naura Quintet, Tubby Hayes und Max Greger ins Leben gerufen wurde. Auf unserer ersten Folge präsentieren wir die frühen Aufnahmen des legendären “Joki Freund Quintet” aus den späten Fünfzigern. Der deutsche Saxophonist und Arrangeur Joki Freund spielte zunächst mit Jutta Hipp, bevor er seine eigene Band, das Joki Freund Quintet, gründete. Ende der Fünfziger Jahre traten sie bei verschiedenen europäischen Festivals auf, zusammen mit Gastmusikern wie Donald Byrd, Arthur Taylor und Doug Watkins. Berühmt wurde die Band durch ihr von John Coltrane beeinflusstes Meisterwerk “Yogi Jazz” aus dem Jahr 1963. Diese Aufnahmen sind – zum erstenmal seit 55 Jahren – auf BE! Jazz wieder erhältlich, perfekt restauriert und remastert. So haben Sie diese Platte noch nie gehört!

Vinyl LP | Limited Edition of 500 copies!
| Be! Jazz 6091
CD | digipac in book format | incl. 20-page booklet
| Be! Jazz 6091 CD

AVAILABLE SOON from Bear Family Records

Modern Jazz 1966

Unreleased live recordings!

We are very excited to announce what we think is one of the most exciting jazz albums that have been issued in recent years. It includes the most beautiful unreleased live recordings from the German Jazz Festival 1966! Please check the whos’s who of the German jazz scene in the tracklisting.

This 2-LP set comes in a Saba-style gatefold cover. We had the impression that those recordings could easily have been part of the Saba/MPS catalogue back in 1966 – that’s why we decided to design the covers and labels in the style of original 1960s Saba sleeves. The front cover features original artwork by German jazz graphic icon Günther Kieser.

This album’s music will not only blow you away – it comes in perfectly remastered top quality as well. Terms like “a must” are overused nowadays; however, we promise this is a “real must” for every serious jazz collector. It truly deserves any superlative available!

The CD edition has several additional tracks:

Disc 1 (78:55): Erwin Lehn Tanzorchester: Warm Up And Swing (4:24) | Sweet And Slowly (4:46) | Jet Set (4:13) | Orchester Kurt Edelhagen: Kim (5:19) | Gilda (11:12) | The Shadow Of Your Smile (4:06) | Brotherhood Of Men (5:13) | Wives And Lovers (4:00) | This Could Be The Start Of Something Big (6:38) | Horst Jankowski Trio: Jungle (7:10) | Horst Jankowski Trio & Helmut Brandt: Jahrgang 37 (5:07) | Nordlicht  (3:55) | Hans Koller Quintett: Blues in F (11:10)

Disc 2 (79:29): Albert Mangelsdorff Quintett: Mobile (13:03) | Plakate (13:47) | Benny Bailey: I Remember Clifford (6:48) | Don Menza: Piece For Two (8:27) | Max Greger & his Orchestra: Salute To Miles (5:00) | Klaus Doldinger Quartett: Guarachi Garo (10:11) | Rolf Kühn & Klaus Doldinger Quartett: GeminiWaltz (10:00) | Wolfgang Schlüter: FridayBlues  (12:26)

6084 Modern 1966 Cover

Unveröffentlichte Live-Aufnahmen!

Wir freuen uns sehr, Ihnen eines der aufregendsten Jazz-Alben präsentieren zu können, die in den letzten Jahren wiederveröffentlicht wurden, mit den schönsten unveröffentlichten Live-Aufnahmen des Deutschen Jazzfestivals 1966! Das Tracklisting liest sich wie ein “Who’s Who” der Deutschen Jazzszene.

Das 2 LP-Set erscheint in einem “Saba Style”-Klappcover. Da wir den Eindruck hatten, dass diese Aufnahmen sich anhören, als ob sie aus dem Saba/MPS Katalog von 1966 stammen, hielten wir es für eine gute Idee, die Covers und Labels im Stil der Original 1960er Saba-Covers zu gestalten. Auf der Vorderseite des Covers ist ein Original-Design der deutschen Jazzgraphiker-Ikone Günther Kieser abgebildet.

Die Musik wird Sie nicht nur umhauen – sie wurde auch in perfekter Klangqualität remastert. Begriffe wie “ein Muss” werden heute viel zu oft verwendet – aber wir versprechen Ihnen, dass diese LP ein echtes “Muss” für jeden ernsthaften Jazzsammler ist. Sie verdient wirklich jeden erdenklichen Superlativ!




It’s a fact that Bjarne Rostvold has won relatively little recognition to this day – in contrast to some of his Danish fellow jazz musicians. Quite unjustly, as we think. For many years Rostvold played with the Danish Radio Big Band before forming the Bjarne Rostvold Trio (Bent Axen: piano and Erik Moseholm: bass) and the Bjarne Rostvold Quartett, which included the trio’s musicians plus trumpeter Allan Botschinsky. Both groups represent brilliant Danish jazz from the ‘60s. That’s why we think it’s about time to reissue this relatively unknown, yet sensational Euro jazz highlight.

We are happy to see this album available for the first time since 1965, especially in this wonderful quality, remastered per DMM vinyl cutting from the original tapes.

Listen to this record like never before!

6086 Tricrotism Cover

Es ist eine Tatsache, dass der Däne Bjarne Rostvold – im Gegensatz zu einigen anderen seiner dänischen Jazz-Kollegen – bis zum heutigen Tag relativ wenig Beachtung gefunden hat. Zu Unrecht, wie wir finden. Rostvold spielte viele Jahre in der Danish Radio Big Band, bevor er das Bjarne Rostvold Trio (Bent Axen: Klavier und Erik Moseholm: Bass) bzw. das Bjarne Rostvold Quartett, bestehend aus dem gleichen Trio mit dem Zusatz von Trompeter Allan Botschinsky, gründete. Beide Gruppen stehen heute für brillanten dänischen Jazz aus den 60er Jahren.

Aus diesem Grunde sind wir der Meinung, dass es an der Zeit ist, dieses relativ unbekannte – aber dennoch musikalisch sensatio- nelle – Euro Jazz-Highlight zu veröffentlichen.

Wir freuen uns, dass dieses Album nun zum ersten Mal seit 1965 wieder erhältlich ist, noch dazu in dieser wunderbaren Qualität, remastert per DMM-Schnitt von den Original-Bändern.

So haben Sie diese Platte noch nie gehört!

Vinyl LP | Limited Edition of 500 copies!
| Be! Jazz 6086

CD | digipac in book format | incl. 16-page booklet
| Be! Jazz 6086 CD

Bjarne Rostvold (drums) | Allan Botschinsky (trumpet) | Nils Henning Ørsted Pedersen (bass)

Recorded in 1962

1. Well, You Needn’t | 2. Perhaps | 3. Squeeze Me | 4. Easy Living | 5. Tricrotism | 6. Greensleeves | 7. Ease It | 8. S’ Posin

Christian Schwindt Quintet



We are happy to announce “For Friends And Relatives”, one of the real top 10 European jazz higlights. Superlatives are often used nowadays, but we strongly believe that this album is one of the true 1960s Euro jazz “holy-grails”.

The Schwindt Quintet was formed during the early ’60s in Helsinki/Finland. This album delivers beautiful top-quality jazz that couldn’t be better. This is probably the reason why the few original copies of the album that popped up sell for astronomic prices – up to a few thousand dollars.

We’d like to point out that the album comes in fantastic remastering and DMM cut sound quality. During the remastering process we found out that the original sound was quite inferior with a few mistakes included. Our new version sounds amazing, even if you already know the album. Listen to this record like never before!

Limited edition as always – grab them before it’s too late – we don’t do re-pressings! Available around Christmas from BE! Jazz.

6083 Schwindt Cover

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen “For Friends And Relatives” präsentieren zu können, ein wahres Highlight in der Top Ten des europäischen Jazz. Superlative werden heutzutage oft verwendet, dennoch sind wir der Meinung, dass dieses Album definitiv zu den begehrtesten Sammlerstücken des europäischen Jazz der 60er Jahre gehört.

Das Schwindt Quintet wurde Anfang der 60er Jahre in Helsinki/Finnland gegründet. Dieses Album bietet unübertrefflichen, wunderschönen Jazz allererster Güte. Dies ist wahrscheinlich der Grund, warum die wenigen noch erhältlichen Exemplare des Originals zu astronomischen Preisen gehandelt werden – manchmal in Höhe von bis zu einigen Tausend Dollar!

Wir weisen darauf hin, dass die Aufnahmen in ausgezeichneter Klangqualität per DMM-Schnitt remastert wurden. Während des Remasterings stellten wir fest, dass das Original eine minderwertige Soundqualität aufwies, die zudem einige Fehler enthielt. Sie werden daher über den Klang unserer neuen Version erstaunt sein, selbst wenn Sie das Album bereits kennen. So haben Sie diese Platte noch nie gehört!

Diese LP erscheint wie immer in limitierter Auflage. Greifen Sie also schnell zu – es gibt keine Nachpressungen! Erhältlich Dezember 2014.

Vinyl LP | Limited Edition of 500 copies!
| Be! Jazz 6083

Christian Schwindt (drums) | Heikki Sarmanto (piano) | Tapani Tamminen (bass) | Otto Donner (trumpet) | Erik Dannholm (tenor- & altosax) | Pentti Hietanen (piano) | Pekka Sarmanto (bass)
(Pentti Hietanen & Pekka Sarmanto on Miniature only)
Recorded in Helsinki, November 9 & 12, 1965


1. Helsinki At Noon | 2. Miniature | 3. My Next And Only Love | 4. D-Day | 5. Theme For Christer | 6. Claudine | 7. Släkt och vänner (Friends And Relatives)

Jazz On Holy Hill

Holy Hill Cover


BE! JAZZ is happy to come up with a limited edition (500 copies) of a true “holy” modern/free jazz gems of the late 1960s. The original double LP was issued by Meno Liechtenstein’s CB Records – he was also the organizer of the “International Holy Hill Jazz Meeting” in Heidelberg / Germany.

The sound quality on the original album was not really bad – but it certainly was not really good as well. We spent a lot of work on a proper restoration of the live tapes. The result is truly amazing – after almost 50 years we are now able to listen properly to the unbelievable music played by the cream of German/European jazz musicians.

Just check the line-up and you will understand what we’re talking about. The music included ranges from Free Jazz by the likes of Peter Brötzmann and Evan Parker to quality Modern Jazz done by the Joki Freund Quintet.

Reserve yourself a forgotten piece of European Jazz history! Available in October on BE! Jazz!

Vinyl DoubleLP (gatefold sleeve) | Limited Edition of 500 copies! | Be! Jazz 6081/82


  1. Pierre Favre Trio: Let’s Talk About The Weather
    Irene Schweizer (p) | Peter Kowald (b) | Pierre Favre (dr, leader)
  2. Rolf Kuhn Quartett: Circus Live
    Joachim Kuhn (p) | Buschi Niebergall (b) | Stu Martin (dr, perc, fl) | Rolf Kuhn (cl electr., leader)
  3. Peter Brötzmann Oktett: Finally
    Fred Van Hove (p) | Buschi Niebergall (b, b-tb) | Peter Kowald (b) | Arjen Gorter (b) | Pierre Favre (dr) | Paul Rutherford (tb) | Evan Parker (ts, ss) | Peter Brötzmann (ts, leader)
  4. Joe Viera – Ed Kroeger Quartett: Vibration
    Sigi Busch (b) | Heinrich Hock (dr) | Joe Viera (as, ss) | Ed Kroeger (tb, leader)
  5. Joki Freund Quintett: Five To Five
    Helmut Kirchgässner (p) | Peter Witte (b) | Joerg Gebhard (dr) | Toni Rabold (tp) | Joki Freund (ts, ss)
  6. Marion Brown: In Memory Of John Coltrane
    Marion Brown (as)
  7. Joki Freund Quintett: Gluga Gluga Blues

Holy Inner

More Jazz On Vinyl

As the previous two reissues are shipping – here are two new releases coming soon:

LP Dolphy Cover



Without doubt, Eric Dolphy counts among the most important and influential musicians in modern jazz – his work is still admired today for its non-compromising individuality.

Dolphy was born in Los Angeles in 1928. He was heard in the band of Charles Mingus who featured him extensively, but also led his own group with trumpeter Booker Little. Dolphy accompanied John Coltrane on a European tour in 1962. He died in Berlin, Germany, in 1964.

Recorded live in Copenhagen featuring the cream of Danish jazz musicians, this album is one of the really great early 1960s classics. The original was issued on DEBUT RECORDS in Denmark in 1962 and is a hot collectors’ piece nowadays.

PERSONNEL: Eric Dolphy (as, cl, fl) | Bent Axen (p) | Erik Moseholm (b) | Chuck Israels (b) | Jørn Elniff (dr) | Recorded at Studenterforeningen, Copenhagen, September 8, 1961

TRACKS: 1. I Don’t Know Why | 2. God Bless The Child | 3. The Way You Look Tonight | 4. Oleo | 5. Hi-Fly

Vinyl LP | Limited Edition of 500 copies | Be! Jazz 6067



LP Thelin Cover


This album became a legend, mostly due to the cooperation with Belgian Joel Vandrooogenbroeck, who had played with big names such as René Thomas, Bobby Jaspar, Barney Wilen and Zoot Sims. In 1968 Vandroogenbroeck formed the experimental rockband Brainticket.



Between 1961 and 1965 Eje Thelin formed his first own group with which he toured across Europe. In 1964 he performed in Copenhagen with George Russell; from the late 60s to the mid-70s he played with Joachim Kühn and John Surman and turned to Free Jazz.

This LP was recorded on May 6, 1964 at the German Jazz Festival in Frankfurt. The music offers top-quality Modern Jazz.

We are happy to see this album re-issued for the first time since 1965, especially in this wonderful quality, remastered per DMM vinyl cutting from the original tapes.

PERSONNEL: Eje Thelin (tb) | Ulf Andersson (ts) | Joel Vandroogenbroek (p) | Roman Dylag (b) | Rune Carlsson (dr) |
Recorded at 9. Deutsches Jazz Festival 1964, Frankfurt, May 9, 1964

TRACKS: 1. The Opener | 2. It Ain’t Necessarily So | 3. Filmballad | 4. I’m Oldfashioned | 5. Gazoline | 6. Marques De Villamagna

Vinyl LP | Limited Edition of 500 copies | Be! Jazz 6066