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1970s New Jazz In Concert

Last year’s “Born Free” box set was the first one – now there’s another big one: The “Balve Box” is now available!

Both sets come in a 27 x 27 cm box, with 32-page booklets, featuring recording dates and musician line-ups, plus newspaper clippings and lots of (previously unseen) pictures from the events.

Born Free Set 1

The “Born Free” box has the performances from the 12th German Jazz Festival 1970 – 10 hours of music on 9 CDs with complete sets from Wolfgang Dauner, Peter Brötzmann, Gunter Hampel Group, Limbus 4 and many others, plus a 37 min. specially commissioned work from the European Free Jazz Orchestra of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, directed by Lester Bowie.

Born Pages 2 Born Pages 3 Born Pages 4

The “New Jazz Festival Balve” release features performances from two festivals held in the ancient cave at Balve, West Germany, in 1974 and 1975. 11 CDs with 13 hours of music present complete performances and improv sessions by Gary Burton, Peter Brötzmann, John Surman, Pat Metheny and many more.

Balve Page 2 Balve Page 3 Balve Page 4



Jazz On Holy Hill

Holy Hill Cover


BE! JAZZ is happy to come up with a limited edition (500 copies) of a true “holy” modern/free jazz gems of the late 1960s. The original double LP was issued by Meno Liechtenstein’s CB Records – he was also the organizer of the “International Holy Hill Jazz Meeting” in Heidelberg / Germany.

The sound quality on the original album was not really bad – but it certainly was not really good as well. We spent a lot of work on a proper restoration of the live tapes. The result is truly amazing – after almost 50 years we are now able to listen properly to the unbelievable music played by the cream of German/European jazz musicians.

Just check the line-up and you will understand what we’re talking about. The music included ranges from Free Jazz by the likes of Peter Brötzmann and Evan Parker to quality Modern Jazz done by the Joki Freund Quintet.

Reserve yourself a forgotten piece of European Jazz history! Available in October on BE! Jazz!

Vinyl DoubleLP (gatefold sleeve) | Limited Edition of 500 copies! | Be! Jazz 6081/82


  1. Pierre Favre Trio: Let’s Talk About The Weather
    Irene Schweizer (p) | Peter Kowald (b) | Pierre Favre (dr, leader)
  2. Rolf Kuhn Quartett: Circus Live
    Joachim Kuhn (p) | Buschi Niebergall (b) | Stu Martin (dr, perc, fl) | Rolf Kuhn (cl electr., leader)
  3. Peter Brötzmann Oktett: Finally
    Fred Van Hove (p) | Buschi Niebergall (b, b-tb) | Peter Kowald (b) | Arjen Gorter (b) | Pierre Favre (dr) | Paul Rutherford (tb) | Evan Parker (ts, ss) | Peter Brötzmann (ts, leader)
  4. Joe Viera – Ed Kroeger Quartett: Vibration
    Sigi Busch (b) | Heinrich Hock (dr) | Joe Viera (as, ss) | Ed Kroeger (tb, leader)
  5. Joki Freund Quintett: Five To Five
    Helmut Kirchgässner (p) | Peter Witte (b) | Joerg Gebhard (dr) | Toni Rabold (tp) | Joki Freund (ts, ss)
  6. Marion Brown: In Memory Of John Coltrane
    Marion Brown (as)
  7. Joki Freund Quintett: Gluga Gluga Blues

Holy Inner

Coming soon!

We’re working on two new vinyl-only releases – both albums have been remastered by the famous, post-EMI studio legend John Cremer from Railroad Tracks Studios. Listen to these records like never before!

LP Jazztone Cover

Frankfurt All Stars feat. Hans Koller

One of the long forgotten masterpieces of European – especially German – Modern Jazz is the legendary “Rhein Main Jump” album! The original was issued in 1958 by the Jazztone label. If you are in any way familiar with jazz just check the line-up and you will have an idea of the music’s quality. As far as we know the music has never been re-issued anywhere – so here we go with a truly fantastic LP!

PERSONNEL: Emil Mangelsdorff (as) | Hans Koller (ts) | Joki Freund (ts) | Pepsi Auer (p) | Peter Trunk (b) | Rudi Sehring (dr) | Albert Mangelsdorff (tb)

TRACKS: 1. Daves Idea | 2. Dusko’s Absence | 3. Swing It, Sam | 4. Sound for Jazztone | 5. Beard’s Beard | 6. Golabki | 7. You’re On Hans | 8. Rhein Main Jump | 9. Almost Dawn | 10. Old Hat With A New Rim | 11. Adlon 1925 | 12. Ending Ad Lib

Vinyl LP | Limited Edition of 500 copies | BE! Jazz 6-064

LP Zodiac Cover

Barney Wilen

Barney Wilen was famous for being included in Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers and Miles Davis’ European tours, and this is his excursion into free jazz, dedicated to the mystical signs of the Zodiac! One of the very early masterpieces of 1960s European avantgarde jazz! Wilen was a brilliant tenor player who flirted with many music fashions in his thirty-years career. The music here is avantgarde school, and this excellent pressing finally captures the timbre and the resonance of the instruments.

PERSONNEL: Barney Wilen (ts) | Raymond Court (t) | Carl Heinz Berger (p*, vib) | Jean Francois Jenny Clark (b) except**| Jacques Thollot (d) except*** | Recorded in Paris, January 19 & 20, 1966

TRACKS: 1. Poissons (B. Wilen) | 2. Verseau (B. Wilen)** | 3. Capricorne (B. Wilen)* | 4. Sagittaire (B. Wilen)** | 5. Scorpion (B. Wilen) | 6. Balance (B. Wilen) | 7. Vierge (B. Wilen) | 8. Lion (B. Wilen) | 9. Cancer (B. Wilen)*** | 10. Gemeaux (B. Wilen) | 11. Taureau (B. Wilen)* | 12. Belier (B. Wilen)

Vinyl LP | Limited Edition of 500 copies |BE! Jazz 6-065